Tyre changing. Frequently Asked Questions.

Tyre changing. Frequently Asked Questions.

When do we need to change the tyres?

  • In case of completely damaged Treads
  • For Permanent puncture repair with Patches
  • Completely Damaged Tyre in an accident or injury.

Sarv offers tyre changing machines for various Tyre sizes to fit and remove all type of tubeless and tube type tyres on single piece, two piece and three piece rims without damaging tyre bead from International OEMs like CEMB- I

Wheel balancing machine for Moto,  PCs & LCVs upto 22”
Wheel balancing machine for CVs upto 27”Wheel balancing machine for OTRs upto 56”

Refer to our website www.garageequipments.com for complete range and vidoes of Tyre changing Machines

Accessories Manufactured by Sarv

Sarv has a huge experience in Training, Installation and demonstrating Tyre changing machines for Moto,  PCs , CVs & OTRs at various workshops Pan India.

For more enquiries about Tyre changing machines or other Sarv Accessories and Automotive Service Equipment, Kindly write to us at info@garageequipments.com or visit our website www.garageequipments.com

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