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Nitrogren Generators & Air Inflators

Nitrogren Generators & Air Inflators

Why Nitrogen : Nitrogen provides Better Tyre Pressure Retention

  • Tyre Heats up fast
  • Air easily permeates the tyre wall thus reducing the air pressure frequently
  • Air is denser than nitrogen hence denser heavier tyres.
  • More Cooler Tyre
  • More Retention of Air pressure and for longer periods
  • Lighter for the tyres
  Nitropure : High Pressure Nitrogen Generators and Conversion System for Tyre Inflation   Fully Automated , Fully Programmable  , micro processor controlled  conversion system.Can Convert  upto 4 and 6 tyres  to nitrogen simultaneously at the touch of a button and Saves 70% time than single tyre inflation   Ask for quotation of Nitrogen gensets for PCs & CVs.  

Air Inflators

Auto Cut off Inflator 0-220 psi, wall mounted or with a stand with 20 meters air pipe and lockable nozzle

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