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Tips to change a truck tyre

truck tyre

Truck tyres should have a deep tread and be in good shape. However, with time, the tires wear out, so you need to alter them with a new one. If the tyre is not in good condition, it might pose a danger on the road. Therefore, learning the steps included in changing the truck tyre is recommended. The process is straightforward but requires attention and carefulness., provides a truck tyre mount demount tool kit using which you can change the tyre. Keep scrolling the article to learn the steps of modifying a truck tyre. 

Step 1:

Firstly, you must ensure that the truck is parked safely and on a stable surface. Choosing a flat and peaceful spot for parking is essential since it will prevent the truck from moving and reduce disturbance. After parking it, use rubber wheel chocks available at in front and behind each tyre except the one that is due for a change. They offer chocks of different sizes so you can find the appropriate one and firmly wedge under the wheels.  

Step 2:

Jack up the truck using a truck jack or lifting platform. It depends on the weight of your vehicle, but ensure that the technique you choose is safe. You need to have proper education regarding the equipment or hire a certified person for the job. Once the vehicle is set correctly, unscrew the bolt nuts on the wheel. Use a pneumatic screwdriver from the company and wear hearing protection to guard your ears. 

Step 3:

Once you have removed the bolt nuts and the wheel is free, grip it using both hands. Slowly pull the tyre off using basic ergonomic methods to prevent back aches. The tyre’s rim might have accumulated dust but ignore it for the time being. Remove it during wet washing in a wheel washer because spinning it during dry cleaning might cause you to breathe the dust, harming your health. Allow time to let the air escape from your tyre. 

Step 4:

Use a valve extractor to unscrew the valve core of the truck. Now use your tyre changer to remove and replace the tyres on the rims. You can use the DL 1500 heavy-duty commercial bus and truck tyre changer from the SARV machine to simplify things. Next, set the bead breaker near your rim flange without making any contact between them and release the beads. 

Step 5:

Now clamp the wheel on the tyre changer and use clamping jaws to protect the centring of the alloy wheels. You can even use guard rings if you don’t have clamping jaws. Check the old valve for air pressure sensors and replace it with the new one. Following the replacement, adjust the tyre fitting arm as per the size of the tyre and remove it by unscrewing the beads one by one. 

Step 6:

Thoroughly examine the truck’s rims by turning the machine’s wheel slowly. Ensure that the rim is in perfect shape since it is essential for future travels. Check the registration document of the truck. Through the document, ensure that the rim and tyre sizes match each other. If they are not balancing, use a lubricant after consulting your manufacturer. 

Step 7:

Brush the lubricant on each rim flange but do it carefully since you will not want it to enter the sensors. Apply it on both sides of the tyre till the centring line is inside and outside. Now, place the tyre on the rim and use a mounting hook to pull the first bead on top of the first rim flange without applying force. Ensure that the mounting hook and rim remain untouched during the process. 

Step 8:

Now proceed carefully to place the other beads over the rim flanges. You must maintain extra care during the last placements as the tyre is usually under high tension. Use as much lubricant as you require for the process. Once the tyre is seated correctly, remove the mounting hook gradually. 

Step 9:

Damaged tyres or inappropriate air inflation can cause accidents where the tyre cab explodes. Consequently, you need to take special precautions. Use fitting tyre systems as inflators to save money and ensure security.Step 10:

Now, in the final steps, check your tyre for minor cracks and damage. It must be in perfect shape for the change. Attach it loosely to the truck and slowly fasten it using two opposing bolts. Use two-wheel nuts to centre the wheel and secure the remaining ones halfway before removing the jack and lowering the truck. 

Step 11:

Finally, adjust the inflation pressure of the tyre post its installation to its recommended level. Even if you replace a single tyre, check the pressure of each tyre before the run. 


You need to take proper safety and education before changing your truck tyre. Use the tools and equipment from company since they provide the best ones for changing truck tyres. If you are unsure of your capability, hire or consult a professional to show you the usage of specific equipment. 

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