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Learning how to Mount and Demount a tyre Manually??? Get your Questions Answered. “Do-it Yourself” (DIY) –Manually Mount/Demount a Tubeless Truck Tyre with Tyre Levers.

Specially Designed Tyre Levers to mount/Demount a Tubeless Truck/bus tyre, provides a faster, quicker & damage free mount/demount process. Good & Sturdy tools reduce the fatigue of the operator. Mounts/Demounts in less than 2 minutes.

The Kit contains the following Items :

* Mounting Lever for Tubeless Truck/buses Tyre 220414 – 1 No.
* Demounting Lever for Tubeless Truck/buses Tyre 220314 – 1 No.
* Impact Bead Breaker 220134 – 1 No.
* Bead Holder 220500 – 1 No .
* Sarv Tyre Grease (1 Kg) 2200120 – 1 No.
* Brush  220415 – 1 No.
* Duster D0015 – 1 No .

“DIY” Steps to Mount and Demount a Tubeless Commercial Vehicle Tyre.



Place the Bead Holding Tool on the lower Bead

Insert the Mounting Tyre Lever to Mount the top Bead over the rim.

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