Detailed Guide on DPF Cleaning

dpf cleaning tips

Are you looking to professionally clean the DPF of your vehicle? Here is the list of tips that will help you through DPF cleaning of diesel vehicles.

DPF cleaning is crucial for the smooth performance of your vehicle. It’s also essential to keep you and your passengers protected from polluted air.

In short, DPF cleaning is essential to keep your heavy vehicles on the road. DPFs are helpful to remove diesel particulars from the exhaust of your car. Remaining ash in the filter reduces the effectiveness of the hence DPF cleaning becomes vital in vehicles.

How can you clean DPF thoroughly?

Under normal operating conditions, you don’t have to do anything. If you drive the vehicle at low speed in the city, your engine may not conduct self-cleaning.

If it reaches 80 percent or more than 80percent, then it will show a notification in your vehicle’s overhead console. This is not that harmful, but this alert tells you that the engine needs some extra exercise to control this situation.

Fast Driving

As opposed to the usual belief, driving faster helps you save your money for the long term. DPF regeneration does not start until your vehicle meets some specific conditions. That condition may be speed, the temperature of the engine, and RPM.

Do your research on how fast and what RPM you should have to drive. Your dealer may not share this information with you. We recommend you do some online research or ask questions about the online community or other truck owners.

Use Genuine Oil

Use the right and good quality engine oil for your vehicle. Oil is blood for the heart of your car, which is the engine. Good quality oil helps to work engine parts perfectly.

Check your EGR Valve

EGR valves are choked with carbon and soot. This may force you to open the device for a long time, increasing carbon and soot fed back into your vehicle’s engine.

A faulty EGR valve can show the engine warning. If you have experienced the DFP issues before, you should take this seriously before this issue costs you more.

Final Thoughts

if your vehicle is showing a DPF warning light means, there may be chances that your DPF is severely blocked. This may raise a big problem, and your vehicle may catch fire. So if your DPF warning lights are on, we suggest you find professional solutions to solve this.

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