Wheel Alignment Machine

Top 10 Wheel Alignment Tips For Technicians

wheel alignment tips

Always conduct pre-alignment inspection :

As reputed workshop equipment manufacturers in India, we suggest conducting pre-aligning inspections. Pre alignment inspection is vital to find the errors that might come back after the wheel is aligned, such as tyre inflation. 

Reset the steering position sensor :

Reset the steering position to help the stability control system to function smoothly. Steering position sensors must be calibrated using modern tools and equipment. 

Do a complete alignment :

Don’t keep any loopholes in your work. We suggest you complete your alignment in one short. If you skip things, this will cost both your time and money. 

Check all the angles : 

Technicians are not able to adjust the camber or caster of many vehicle models. Because there are lots of front wheel drive vehicles in the market which do not have adjustment for camber and caster. These non adjustable suspension can be aligned using aftermarket alignment products. 

Always set factory spaces :

Settings that work on one vehicle do not always work on another car, so there is no universal wheel alignment rule. Front-wheel drive vehicles required different settings for wheel alignment as compared to rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

Compensate for use :

 A vehicle that carries heavy loads will not sit well when aligned when the vehicle is empty. 

Align all the wheels :

Expert technicians always recommends aligning all the wheels of your vehicle. But many technicians did not carry wheel alignment for all four wheels. The main reason behind this is customers do not wants to pay extra money. Having rear wheel alignment is also essential as front wheel alignment.

Check the wheel alignment before the customer asks :

When you check and report wheel alignment to customers, customers are more likely to buy wheel alignment services from your workshop. Use a high-end car wheel alignment machine to measure wheel alignments efficiently and accurately. 

Test drive before delivery :

Always conduct a test drive before delivering the vehicle to your customer. The test can reveal problems if any problem is overlooked.