Truck Bus Superman Complete Wheel Change Kit

  • SARV’s Complete Tubeless Truck Tyre Change Kit also known as Superman Wheel Change Kit is the easiest and safest way to completely change the Truck /bus Wheels on your vehicle!! This is a complete Kit which helps you remove the wheel from your vehicle, Change the tire, Inflate it and install it back on the vehicle!!
  • Kit Consists of 
  • Hydro pneumatic Jack – For lifting the Vehicle.
  • Wheel Dolly – For easy movement of the wheel while removing and installing from/to the vehicle.
  • Pneumatic Wrench and Pneumatic Wrench trolley – for loosening/Tightening wheel nuts. Pneumatic Wrench trolley makes it easy to hold the pneumatic trolley.
  • Manual Tire Mount Demount Tool Kit – for Manually changing tubeless tires with even hard rusted beads within 2 minutes.!
  • Bead Seater for seating the bead for tyre inflation.
  • Safety Cage for Safely Inflating the Tyre. – A must for Tyre Workshops and Vehicle Garages for safely inflating the tyres and avoiding any accidents that may be caused due to tire explosion. It ensures a safer environment for the workers.

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