How to Repair Puncture with Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit?

how to repair puncture with puncture repair kit

Dealing with a punctured tyre is the worst you expect on a busy day. You may be on your way for an important meeting, and suddenly you find a puncture in your wheel. The worst is that you may not find a service station nearby. During these situations, you are frustrated as all your work will come to a halt. However, if your vehicle has tubeless tyres, you do not need to worry about any uncontrollable situation on the road. If you carry a mushroom puncture kit repair kit, there is no need to rely on service stations or external help.

You can quickly fix the puncture on your own. Following are some guidelines that will take you through repairing a hole of your tubeless tyre.

The requirements

  • Tyre levers
  • Tubeless plugs
  • Tubeless plug tool
  • Pump
  • Tyre patch

Repairing the hole in your Tubeless Tyre

Unlike the traditional method of tyre repairing, where you had to dislocate the wheel from the vehicle, tubeless tyre repairing is far more convenient and more manageable.   It is easy and fast as you can adjust without depending on others. Therefore, if there is any hole in the tyre of your vehicle, perform the following actions:

  • You have to locate the place from where there is a puncture.
  • Remove all items stuck in the area of a hole on the wheel.
  • Insert the tubeless plug tool through the hole in the tyre. You must insert it carefully and ensure that it does not damage the rim. Twist the plug tool to make a round hole in the tyre.
  • It would be best to use a plug tool to thread tubeless plug. Your repairing kit comes with various plug sizes, so you need to use them according to the extent of hole.
  • Insert the plug carefully inside the tyre. You must not force the plug forcefully inside the tyre and ensure that you do not insert it fully.
  • You need to twist the plug out carefully.
  • Inflate tyre with the necessary pressure. You must make sure to inflate the correct proportion of air in your wheel. 
  • Rotate the wheel for some time before you hit the road. It will allow several sealants to flow into the repairing part of the tube and seal it.

Patching a tubeless tyre

There are some instances where you cannot repair with the help of help. It would be best if you patched your tyre internally to avoid further leakages during such cases. Following is the process to put a patch on your tubeless tyre:

  • It would be best to use sandpaper to roughen the tire’s surface where there is a leak.
  • You must clean the surface to clear off any debris and dirt.
  • Add some vulcanizing rubber solution to the area of the patch and wait for some time.
  • You need to add a tyre patch to the area where there is a leakage, and it would be best if you held it down firmly. You must, however, not touch the place where you have put the glue; else, it can become contaminated.
  • Let it dry for some time, depending upon the tire’s surface area where there is a leak.

Sewing a tubeless tyre

Sometimes, there is a tear on the outer layer of your tyre. During such instances, you have to sew the tyre. Therefore, you carry a needle and tooth floss in your tubeless tyre repair kit. You can stitch your tyre and make it run for the time on the road.

It is advisable that when you are stitching the torn tyre adds something like a strong tape in between and sews it. Also, it is always a good idea to keep a needle and thread with you as it may be handy on rough roads or while you are traveling to the hills.  

The checklist

Once you are through with repairing the puncture of your tubeless tyre you can check it before hitting the road. You can do so by using water where you will understand whether there are any more leakages or whether you have done repairing correctly. Usually, to correct a tubeless tyre with a puncture is fifteen to twenty minutes.

Moreover, you should always carry the repair kit wherever you go as you may encounter any abnormal situation on the road. Therefore, it is better to help yourself without waiting for an external hand.


Regular maintenance of your tyre is all you need to enjoy a smooth ride. However, abnormalities on the road may arise for which you must always prepare yourself. Hence, a repairing kit for tubeless tyres is the perfect answer to your solution.