Essential Garage Tools Everybody Should Have

garage tools

Our lives have been made easier by cars and motorcycles. Some people love them, and others use them for convenience. No matter what category you fall under, Your vehicle will eventually break down at some point. Nobody likes dealing with the frustration of a car that is acting up, leading to severe injuries and costly repairs.

There is a better way. Get to know your vehicle and get your hands dirty. It doesn’t matter what your preference is; everyone should be able to do essential maintenance on their car. Before you can learn anything else, you must have vital tools in your garage. This is a great list to start with.

Socket Set

A socket set is helpful for any project that involves nuts and bolts. A socket set typically includes a Ratchet, detachable sockets, and a few extensions. Some kits include a screwdriver that can be used interchangeably with different bits. 

Puncture Repair Kit

If you are driving on Indian roads, tire punctures are pretty standard. Because India is a developing country, there are many more construction projects around cities. This means that there are many nails on the roads. It could be anything, but nails aren’t always the cause of punctures. It doesn’t matter the reason; it is essential to have a puncture kit in your car’s trunk. These kits are affordable and can save you from some challenging situations.

Maintainance fluids

Modern cars require engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and other fluids to function correctly. According to the vehicle owner’s manual, fluid levels should be checked regularly. It’s a good idea to keep these fluids on hand if you have to top up the ranks.

Air pump

Tires are probably the essential part of a vehicle. A tire that isn’t appropriately inflated is ineffective. An Air pump is a valuable tool. It can help maintain the recommended tire pressure and when you get stuck on the road due to a puncture. Fill your tires with air, and take the vehicle to the nearest puncture shop. 

OBD Diagnostics Tool

Vehicle technology is rapidly improving, and cars now have multiple computers. Before, you could open the bonnet and visually inspect the engine bay to diagnose a vehicle that was not working correctly. You’ll have a lot of fun doing this now. Modern cars often light up the engine check lights to warn drivers. To find the problem, you will need a tool. This device can be plugged into the OBD Port on the vehicle. It will display the error codes on your phone or laptop.

Torque wrench

The majority of people don’t understand torque wrench. Most mechanics in the country don’t know how to use it. Every service manual contains the recommended torque for each nut/bolt. The torque wrench allows us to adjust the torque precisely. Amateur mechanics tend to tighten the nut until it is as tight as possible, believing it should not be loose. Sometimes, over-torquing can cause the thread to be stripped from the fasteners. This is a disaster! The bolt and nut must be replaced. If the line is embedded in a frame or other structure, you must redrill the hole and rethread it. It’s scary. It is impossible to use a torque wrench on all nut nuts. You should be aware of some bolts and nuts, such as wheel lug nuts or suspension mounts, wheel nuts, wheel oil drain bolts, motorbike wheel nuts, brake caliper bolts, and engine mounts. The torque wrenches can be categorized according to their torque range. 

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