Directors Talk

Mahendra N. Goel , founder and the President – Sarveshwari Engineers & Director - Sarveshwari Technologies Limited, shares the values and beliefs that form the foundation of the company.

“From the start, our mission has been to be at the forefront of technology and innovation,  delivering   superior  capability  in  tandem  with  maximized  cost efficiencies. Our products are  a  result of a  disciplined production line and an intensive quality control.We aim to deliver the products that have extraordinary quality, as it leads to extraordinary customer satisfaction. Their satisfaction is our satisfaction. The  top  performance  is  not  something  we are striving  for today or tomorrow, we want to  sustain it over the long term. The real challenge lies in managing special orders and order exceptions effectively and efficiently on time. As we continue to grow as a company, we see Sarv reaching the pinnacle of success in manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and customer service.”

Adds, Mrs. Mamta Goel , Vice President – Sarveshwari Engineers & Director Sarveshwari Technologies Limited.

“We differentiate ourselves in offering customised, affordable and innovative solutions to our customers  ranging  from  OEMs , professional tyre shops and to garages. The reputation that  our company  has earned has  been a collective effort of our dedicated team and commitment to deliver the best. In the long run a customer may forget the prices , but always remembers the quality. At Sarv, this is something we never forget.”